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Open Source SaaS & Public Domain

Make Post Sell is a Python (Pyramid) web application which provides an environment for multi tenant e-commerce shops.

Good news, you need not know that means in order to make a new shop:

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Sell the digital and physical things you make—commission free

art, craft, books, clip-art, code, comics, curriculum, drafting, games, graphics, movies, music, photography, videos, video games, or whatever else you dream up.

Whether blog or social media—you provide immense value to your followers for free.

But could you get paid doing what you love?

One way is to sell digital downloads. This sort of business has a low barrier of entry and options to keep upstart costs low by selling your digital products on an existing marketplace.

The problem is— each time you make a sale on a marketplace, you will pay a sales commission (often in the range of 15-40%)!

For example, let's say you made a $20 sale on a marketplace that takes a 30% sales commission. In this case, the marketplace would take $6 and leave you $14.

On-the-other-hand your commission free shop at Make Post Sell will yield $19.12 after payment processing on a $20 sale!

May I speak to the boss?

Per sale commissions hurt profits, especially when compounded yearly.

Here's a spreadsheet tool to break down the numbers. You may enter information to get an estimate regarding just how much it pays to be the boss of your own shop.

As a shop owner, you control the brand & vision while our platform tries to offer protection from —
  •   Sales based fees and commissions
  •   Censorship and de-platforming
  •   Bad algorithms and anti-patterns
  •   Competition — only your products listed
  •   Frivolous DMCA requests
and the best part, if things don't work out simply close shop at anytime, no questions asked. So what are we waiting for—you're the boss

it's time to Make Post Sell!

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  • ✔   Always open Sell online 24/7
  • ✔   Risk Free If you make nothing, you pay nothing
  • ✔   Commission Free Your products, your sales, your money

  • Simply click the New Shop button, follow the prompts, and post some products today — no credit card required!

Hey there!

I'm Russell, founder & creator of Make Post Sell.

One of my goals is to build a platform for individuals to operate sales online for as cheap as possible.

I enjoy helping people and small business so I give away the service at the entry level, but I keep a careful eye on operating expenses to make sure all our shops stay online.

I built Make Post Sell the old fashion way using traditional server side logic and industry standard Internet Protocols.

I consider the service fit for production with an architecture ready for a exponential growth. If any of this sounds interesting or if you want to talk shop, please reach out!

Contact Russell

Want to see an active shop?

Jenn over at has a shop to sell teaching resources and curriculum for preschool, k-6, and homeschooling. Jenn is my wife so if you have any questions, reach out to her as well!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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